Specialty Products

Wood Burning & Wood Pellet Grills & Stoves, Fireplace Insets

When it comes to creating a full sensory experience, nothing compares with the sounds, the smells and the ambiance created by a raging wood burning fireplace. Pitkin's Ace Hardware has an attractive and complete line of fully automatic pellet fireplace stoves available. The patented automatic ignition and jam-free feed systems provide for effortless operation.

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Barbeque Grills

Weber, Genesis™ Gas Grills, Big Green Egg, Charcoal Grills, Grill Cleaning and Maintenance Products

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Traeger Wood-Fired Grills - THE FLAVOR MAKERS - BBQ GRILLS

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Big Green Egg

We stock all sizes, Green Egg Charcoal, and Green Egg accessories.

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Greeting Cards and Postage Supplies

You will find a great selection of greeting cards and postage supplies next to our post office.

Specialty Foods and Drinks

Our Woodbine Store stocks a line of specialty spices, seasonings, sauces, crackers, drinks and juices. Stop by today and browse our large selection.

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